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With over 28 years of experience, BSA adds value by recruiting and staffing Professional and Passionate People
who make a positive and significant impact on their communities.

Our formula for success:
1. Advanced and personalized job matching technology.
2. Direct relationships with our clients.
3. Positions that impact rural or underserved communities.

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Our Value Proposition

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Our Value Proposition

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Our Value Proposition

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Our Value Proposition

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Our Staffing Mission - Help Those in Need

Our Staffing Mission - Help Those in Need

Our staffing mission is to help those in need such as at-risk-youth, minority students, veterans, service members and tribal communities.  

We add value by finding and hiring and training professional and passionate people so that others are impacted positively within the Federal sector.

Our Motto: "Professional and Passionate People - Hired Here"

If you are a Federal Contracting Officer or a Program Manager, we would like to hear from you.

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3 Common Mistakes Made by Staffing Firms

Problem 1: Applicants Answers are Misinterpreted

Untrained Interviewers focus on a few critical areas of an applicant's information while overlooking the big picture. Interviewers often misinterpret data by playing "Amateur Psychologist" and guess the meaning behind an applicant's response.

Problem 2: Interviewers are Biased

Untrained interviewers as naturally biased which effect hiring decisions. They may use this bias to make a snap decision about an applicant.

Problem 3: "Halo Effect"

Untrained interviewers allow one characteristic to influence the entire interview process.

The results on these problems are higher cost, poor quality hires, low productivity, and potential litigation.

Please see below for BSA's solution.
3 Common Mistakes Made by Staffing Firms

Triple "T" Process

Triple "T" Process
The BSA "Triple T" offers a new quality-based process to help improve the quality of intern candidates while selecting the best ones. The BSA "Triple T" process includes:
  • Targeted Recruitment
  • Talent Development
  • Transfer of Knowledge  
Targeted Recruitment 

BSA has a modernized recruitment platform that connects us with students and alumni from over 500 Universities around the U.S to include all Minority Serving Institutions (HBCU, HSI, TCU, Asian American, Pacific Islanders) and disability communities.

To recruit a magnitude of candidates this process offers the following benefits:
  • Targets hard-to-find diverse candidates, even in remote areas.
  • Attracts a large number of candidates which provides more intern options.  
  • Interviews and screens candidates in a consistent, structured and unbiased manner. 
BSA has three existing Minority Intern College Recruitment federal contracts.  BSA will leverage those existing relationships and processes for the benefit of the Federal Government.   BSA has been in the recruiting business for 27 years and has made a long-term commitment to providing these services to Federal agencies.

In an effort to eliminate wasting time staffing the wrong people and having to terminate employees for absenteeism, tardiness or performance issues, BSA initially developed “The Right People, Every time – Guaranteed”. This process is a proprietary and proven interpersonal behavioral, technical and background screening system that we call the “Tri-Screen Process.”

Talent Development

BSA supplements their talents with a structured personality assessment (e.g DiSC) which is valued at $150 per person and provided free of charge to our interns.  BSA uses one of the most accurate, widely used behavioral interviewing systems for assessing talent in the world.  The Behavior Assessment Tool – (DiSC) is comprised of four different personality traits:  Dominance (D), Influence (I), Steadiness (S), and Conscientiousness (C) to increase successful placements.

It provides a consistent, structured approach to behavioral interviewing and driving forces, which reduces unconscious bias and improves the ability to choose the candidate that is the best fit for all aspects of the job. The value of the DiSC assessment is to help improve better teamwork and teach productive conflict. The DiSC helps with optimizing work assignments and employment matches.

Transfer of Knowledge

Our assessment and training process increases the transfer of knowledge, skills and best practices between co-workers in any workforce situation. BSA selects the best students with an emphasis on team work and interpersonal communication. Our process allows sharing and disseminating knowledge and providing inputs to problem solving.

BSA will provide diverse candidates who have the best skills such as problem solving, team work and communication. BSA also uses the "testimonials" of current interns to help future interns obtain insight on how the contributions made a difference and added value to the organizations where support was provided.

Our Tri-Screen Solution

The Tri-Screen Process is designed to present our clients with a selected number of candidates -  all of whom will have the highest qualifications and exceptional interpersonal skills.  

Target - Step 1.  Understanding the Clients Need and Hiring Goals:

We strive to develop a strong relationship in order to have a complete understanding of the company's hiring goals, needs, and corporate cultural. We use this knowledge in our first level of screening. We eliminate applicants who do not fit your job requirements due to lack of experience, work ethic and other reasons intrinsic to the position requirements.

Target - Step 2.  Talent Screen and Assessment:

The second level of screening eliminates non-qualified applicants based on inter-personal abilities, incompatibilities, and technical deficiencies. We interview the candidate using a past behavioral-based interview technique that ensures the person has the skills necessary to perform at a superior level. The premise behind behavioral interviewing is that past performance is the most accurate predictor of future performance in similar situations.

Numerous studies have shown behavioral interviewing is 55% predictive of future on-the-job behavior, while traditional interviewing is only 10% predictive. It also reduces turnover and improves job satisfaction.

Target - Step 3.  Total Hire Assurance:

The final stage of screening eliminates any candidates who cannot pass a complete background check and drug screen so you can be assured your company will maintain a safe and drug-free environment.

Benefits to You:
  • Placement Accuracy
  • Selection Fairness
  • Applicant Dignity and Respect

Our Tri-Screen Solution Our Tri-Screen Solution


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