Specific Strategy for Diversity Interns:  At BSA, we understand the diversity intern recruiting industry is dominated by non-profit organizations that have incompatible missions and who are generally behind in the latest recruitment processes and technologies.  The outcome of those practices and inefficient processes result in a smaller number of candidates, higher cost, and low quality with the overall result of hiring the wrong person and poor results.  BSA understands how the minority internship recruitment strategy can impact long-term hiring goals.

Triple T Process:  The BSA "Triple T" offers a new quality-based process to help improve the quality of intern candidates and select the best ones.  BSA uses a "Triple T" process:

1. Talent Recruitment.  Use behavioral-based interviewing to find the most qualified interns.

2. Talent Development.  Use a talent development plan for each intern that is comprised of integrated organizational HR processes designed to attract, develop, motivate, and retain productive individuals.  The goal of talent development is to create high-performance sustainable organizations that meet their strategic and operational goals and objectives.

3. Talent Transfer to Career.  Use methods to transfer intern talent to the organization.

Our Value Proposition 

BSA knows that corporations and federal agencies have many choices when it comes to intern services.  Our value proposition includes:

1.  Advanced Intern Selection Process: BSA is an expert in using behavioral-based interviews.  These interviews replace evaluations based on personal opinions and beliefs with evaluations based on facts.  In this way, applicants are evaluated on their own merits.  Studies have shown that behavioral-based interviews are nine times more effective than traditional methods.  Behavioral interviewing uses consistent, objective situations to evaluate intern candidates.  This method also helps reduce potential litigation. 

2.  Value-Added Services:

  • Candidate Videos.  We provide a short 2-minute video of each candidate to help evaluate each prospective intern.
  • Team-Based Evaluations.  We conduct expert team-based evaluations of all the prospective interns using a scorecard and heuristic methods.

3.  Cultural Competency.  BSA has special competencies as an intern services provider, including:

  • Bi-lingual staff.  We can communicate fluently in English and Spanish
  • International Experience.  We have a team with experience working with college-level students internationally, e.g., in China.


Services We Offer

1.  Program Design:  We provide a customized strategic recruitment plan that will be delivered within the defined timelines with the key demographics components to ensure program execution and success.

2.  Recruitment:  We provide the following:

  • National-wide Online Job Posting
  • Online Application Submittal Process
  • Video Interviews
  • Relationships with over 200 Minority Serving Institutions

3.  Management:  We provide the best onboarding experience for the interns from the Letter of Acceptance, payroll disbursement, and policy and procedures.   This would also include weekly status meetings with the interns, surveys, and close-out reports. 

4.  Housing and Transportation:  We can offer a turn-key solution where we handle all aspects of housing and transportation.  We can also assist interns with self-provided housing and transportation options.

Our Clients

  • U.S. Army Munition Command Rock Island, IL
  • Bureau of Land Management
  • Department of  Veterans Affairs