Bennett Santana

President and Founder of Business Staffing of America, Inc. Providing Professional and Passionate People Who Impact Their World.

The Odyssey of Bennett Santana: From Amoco to Trailblazing Entrepreneur

The Inception of a Visionary

Bennett Santana's odyssey is a testament to resilience and innovation. Armed with a business degree and invaluable experience from an internship with the U.S. Army, Bennett stepped boldly into Amoco's domain, a titan of the oil industry in the bustling heart of Chicago, IL. Despite lacking traditional qualifications, his foray into computer programming marked the beginning of a career at the nexus of innovation and the energy sector.

Thriving in the Heart of Industry

Amoco was not merely a corporate entity but a behemoth with a nationwide workforce of 50,000 and a reputation for philanthropy, boasting the most sophisticated and largest computer systems in Illinois.  Its commitment to diversity, evidenced by active recruitment from various college campuses, distinguished Amoco from its peers. Within this vibrant setting, Bennett didn't just fit in; he flourished, championing the company's professional values and spearheading philanthropic initiatives, especially supporting the Hispanic community.

Advocating for Inclusivity

Beyond Amoco's confines, Bennett's dedication to diversity shone brightly. His work with a Hispanic nonprofit aimed at promoting diversity underscored his deep commitment.  The development of the nonprofit's first computer-based Applicant Tracking System was a hallmark of Bennett's technical ingenuity and dedication to inclusivity, garnering significant accolades from Amoco's leadership.

Transition to Talent Acquisition

A pivotal shift occurred as Amoco’s HR department recruited Bennett to hold the role of on-campus recruiter along with his other duties.  He was certified in "Target Selection," an innovative internviewing methodology that revolutionized hiring by focusing on past behavior as a predictor of future performance.

Overcoming Economic Downturns

The recession of 1992 posed significant challenges, resulting in Bennett's layoff.  Viewing this not as a defeat but as an opportunity, he pursued further education at DePaul University, earning a master's in Computer Science and Telecommunications and preparing for his next endeavor.

Launching a New Enterprise

Guided by advice from an EDS manager—Amoco's infrastructure support provider—Bennett ventured into technical staffing, laying the groundwork for Business Systems of America, Inc.  This new venture quickly expanded, marking the start of Bennett's entrepreneurial journey.

Despite a near financial collapse in 2008, Bennett's introspection led to a pivotal rebranding to Business Staffing of America, Inc., refocusing the company's mission on solving staffing challenges at a national level, particularly with the Federal Government.

Growth Through Innovation and Ethos

Bennett's journey didn't just lead to creating new divisions and inspired a potent company motto: "Providing Professional and Passionate People who impact their world."  This ethos reflects Bennett's commitment to impactful service and the innovative use of technology in recruiting on a national scale, customizing the application process across industries. 

  1. Business Staffing of America, Inc. evolved into a full-service staffing firm focusing on Federal Government contracts, leveraging Bennett's insight into government staffing needs.
  2. PsyPhycare marked Bennett's foray into healthcare, offering comprehensive mental health services with a team of 40 practitioners across 20 states.
  3. Internships4Diversity (I4D), inspired by Bennett's beginnings, now provides internships for students from Minority Serving Institutions, securing placements in significant federal roles.

Bennett Santana's narrative is an inspiring chronicle of transformation, showcasing how resilience, adaptability, and a commitment to service can redefine business landscapes.  From an unconventional start at Amoco to spearheading staffing, healthcare, and diversity initiatives, Bennett's journey highlights a profound dedication to effecting positive change in the world through "#Professional and Passionate Living".