At BSA, we understand that the greatest frustrations occur when professional staffing firms waste your time with the wrong people – and we do everything we can to eliminate those frustrations for you.  We are experts in working with hiring managers.  We are also experts in assessing technical skills.  Let us show you have we can help you save time, increase job satisfaction, and lower turnover.  

We have the right process - Are you tired of candidate submittals from staffing companies that do a brief self-assessment of skills? Our exclusive, rigorous Tri-Screen Process eliminates non-qualified candidates before you see them - so you only interview those that are the right fit for your operations.   BSA provides the following workforce solutions to help with your staffing needs:

  • Full-Time Staffing
    We provide temporary/contract employees who work on an hourly basis at your facility to supplement or support your existing workforce.

  • Direct Placement Staffing
    We identify candidates for direct employment with our client companies.

  • Full Time-to-Direct Staffing
     We provide a full-time employee for a trial period with the expectation that the assignment may lead to a direct position with the customer.  

BSA's Key Strengths and Values include:

  • A broad spectrum of employment and management solutions
  • Exemplary reputation for integrity
  • Solid history within the staffing industry
  • Strong financial stability
  • Workforce Development
  • Proven quality systems which include the Tri-Screen Process and the "Triple T" Process

The Tri-Screen Process includes the following strategies:

  1. Understanding the Client's Needs and Hiring Goals
  2. Talent Screen and Assessment
  3. Total Hire Assurance

The "Triple T" Process helps improve the quality of candidates and to select the best ones.  The "Triple T" Process is compromised of the following strategies:

  • Target Recruitment
  • Talent Development
  • Transfer to Career

The BSA Value Proposition:

1.  Advanced Selection Process.  BSA is an expert in using behavioral-based interviews.  These interviews replace evaluations based on personal opinions and beliefs with evaluations based on facts.  In this way, applications are evaluated on their own merits.  Studies have shown behavioral-based interviews are nine times more effective than traditional methods.  Behavioral interviewing uses consistent, objective situations to evaluate candidates.  This method also helps reduce potential litigation.  The objective of using behavioral interviews is to help find the best candidates.

2.  Value-Added Services.  In addition to the staffing requirements, BSA also provides:

  • Candidate Videos.  We provide a short 2-minute video of each candidate to help evaluate each prospective candidate.
  • Team-Based Evaluations.  We conduct expert team-based evaluations of all the prospective candidates using a scorecard and heuristic methods.

3.  Cultural Competency.  BSA has special competencies as a staffing service provider which include:

  • Bi-lingual Staff.  We can communicate fluently in English and Spanish.
  • International Experience.  We have a team with experience working with candidates internationally.